QA (Data Platform), Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time


● Have experience in whitebox testing  

● Have experience in Java, any ORM, Maven/Gradle/Ant, Jenkins etc  

● Have experience with Big Data & large scale distributed systems like Hadoop,  Zookeeper, Kafka, and NoSQL databases, etc.  

● Believe in fault-free software that can be designed, developed, maintained, tested,  qualified and deployed. ● Believe in automation for fast and repeated verification of software, that is useful  during development and deployment.  

● Have experience with software testing methodologies and automation technologies  (tools and programming languages).   

● Design and develop new tests as well as maintain automated tests.  

● Work on performance benchmarking and load testing of various products and fitment  evaluation of open source tech stacks.    


● 3 - 6 years of experience in Software testing.  

● Ability to read and write SQL - and understanding of one of Relational Databases such  as MySQL, Oracle, Postgress, SQL Server.  

● Knowledge of Big data technology and related frameworks. Prior experience on  Hadoop, Map-Reduce, Hive, and any NoSQL database like HBase would be an added  advantage.  

● Prior experience in regression testing, performance benchmarking, load testing , and  sanity testing of backend applications.  

● Manual testing of UI applications.  

● Comfortable with Linux with ability to write small scripts in Bash/Python. Ability to  grapple with log files and unix processes.  

● Prior experience in working on cloud services, preferably AWS.  

● Ability to learn complex new things quickly  

● Occasional involvement in support over weekends/ early mornings/ late nights for  production issues.  

● Be a team player with an ability to work under pressure with good time management  skills  

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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