Senior Platform Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time

Senior Platform Engineer

Rapidly growing startup in health sector and great founding team to work with. We are building a best healthcare startup in the ecosystem to provide affordable medicine by optimizing supply chain and logistics that are based on highly personalised experience. We are funded by best-in-class VCs.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Benchmarking and Rolling out platform components like API Gateways and SDN (Software Defined Networking) components at the Core Infrastructure.

  • Building reusable infra services / libraries in the micro-services architecture.

  • Building different RPC framework wrappers / middlewares and cloud agnostic utilities that provide compliances with easy to use interface for the clients.

  • Setting up a reliable instrumentation framework for the complete Infra.


Desired Skills:

  • Engineering Graduate with at least 2 years of experience in Platform / Infrastructure Software Development.

  • Good conceptual understanding of Docker & Kubernetes architecture.

  • Very good experience in building cloud libraries / working with cloud libraries.

  • Strong understanding of different AWS services.

  • Experience in implementing and securing highly-available microservices.

  • Experience in building / working with SDN components.

  • Strong understanding of Meta Programming concepts in one or more programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Node etc.

  • Knowledge of / Experience with golang would be a plus.

  • Should have an in depth understanding of the API Gateway concepts like Service Discovery, Feature Toggling, Rate Limiting, Circuit Breaking, Traffic Shadowing etc…

  • Experience in working with Service Meshes.

  • Should have conceptual understanding of TDD and chaos engineering and the need for these technologies.

  • Experience in working with any HTTP/2 based RPC frameworks and their middleware architecture.

  • Experience in Event Driven or Reactive programming.

  • Experience in any distributed task scheduler / workflow management framework and should have an in-depth understanding of their architectures.

  • Experience in working with different datastores and understanding their strengths and limitations.

  • Should be able to quickly understand the architecture and the best practices of any new framework / technologies that he / she comes across.

  • Thrive in a startup environment.

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