Senior Software Engineer – Workflow Management and Microservice Orchestration

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time

We are looking for engaged and enthusiastic Senior Software Engineers to join one of our core workflow management and microservice orchestration team at our Bangalore site. Across PharmEasy, we are working together in autonomous teams that take full responsibility for their own part of the PharmEasy ecosystem. Some teams work on microservices like order payments, others focus on supporting logistics or warehouse management. This role is targeted towards the team that manages our business workflows and orchestrates the microservices. You will join a team where everyone shares a common interest in distributed backend systems, their scalability, and continued development.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, deploy and operate an event driven microservices orchestrator with focus on high availability, low latency and scalability for our rapidly growing number of microservices

  • Building and maintaining systems for business processes or workflows

  • Writing, maintaining and optimising wrappers and libraries that ensure every microservice can communicate with the orchestrator

  • Be part of exploring future system design and improving our architecture for orchestrating microservices

  • Enable effortless integration between business workflows and core microservices

  • Enable business owners to have near real-time analytics of certain business workflows

  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional team

  • Take operational responsibility for the services that are owned by your team, potentially including taking part in an on-call rotation

  • Work in an environment that supports your individual growth

  • Work with other software engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and decision-makers, such as product owners, to build solutions and gain novel insights


  • You are an awesome engineer that is more than comfortable writing Java and Spring

  • You have worked on persistent State Machine with high read and write throughput

  • You have designed high available Queueing systems

  • You are passionate about what you do and have a high interest in keeping up with current best practices in your areas of expertise

  • You are experienced working with modern infrastructure and tools

  • You are comfortable running your software in Linux environments

  • You know and care about sound engineering practices like continuous delivery, defensive programming, and automated testing

  • You’re familiar with designing and building distributed and scalable systems and enjoy seeing millions of users running your code

  • You are passionate about crafting clean code and have a steady foundation in coding and building data pipelines

  • This is a senior position, you have more than 4 years of writing code, plus experience in leading teams

  • You will work from our Bangalore location with occasional travel to Mumbai


  • Prior experience on Activiti BPM or Camunda

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