Business Analyst

Mumbai, Maharashtra   |   Full time

Role Details
A Business Analyst would be responsible for working closely with the Business Teams and
helping them in making data driven decisions. This would require cross-communication
between the Business Team, Product Team & Data Engineering as well. Apart from solving
the business problem at hand, a business analyst would also be responsible for sharing
insights and learning basis the data exploration/mining and convert these into clear action
points and ensure that the same are being worked upon

• Getting business requirements from the respective Business Teams, identifying the
underlying business case and building a generalized solution
• Extracting & Exploring the data from database and other sources that may exist,
cleaning the data for any issues/missing values also needs to be owned upon
• Converting the cleaned data into actionable insights and sharing the same with relevant
• Automation of data problems/solutions that occur recursively
• Flagging to Data Engineering in case of data sanity issues are to be seen
• Ensure that the action insights shared with the business teams are worked upon
• Ensure new business requirements are thoroughly vetted and signed off
• Knowledge sharing within the team and outside if required

Desired Skills/Experience

• Proficient in MySQL & PostgreSQL, ability to handle complex/inner queries
• Hands-on with Microsoft Excel (basic data cleaning, pivoting and data exploration)
• Must have worked on any one Data Visualization Tool (Tableau, Qlikview, Qliksense, Spotfire,Power BI etc)
• Basic automation skills using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel are expected
• Working knowledge on handling data in R/Python is a plus
• Communication skills to get the business requirements and give out the final insights
• Data Inquisitiveness
• 1-3 years of work experience in the relevant field, preferably in a consumer facing company

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